How to Create Desire in Business Letter?

How to Create Desire in Business Letter? :

IT IS principle in law that a man is innocent until proven guilty. It is a principle in business that a sales claim is false or exaggerated until it is proved conservative and true. In either event, the work of proving a case is a hard one, and calls for keen thought and a wide knowledge of human nature.

Cold, hard logic, and cold, hard facts—these alone will win.

Brag, claims, “hot air,” if you please, spell failure.

When you have explained your proposition in a sales letter, you must prove your words. It is not enough to express your own personal convictions: it is not enough to say that a million of your devices have been sold; it is not enough to give hearsay evidence or second-hand testimonials. You must prove your claims, and quickly.

Of course, many times the only way to prove that an article is all that you say and claim it is, is for me to buy it, try it and use it. But suppose I am thinking of buying a mattress and the dealer writes to me.

“This mattress will never mat, pack, get hard or lumpy, and furthermore, it is absolutely non-absorbent, dust proof, vermin proof and practically un-wear-out-able.” Now if all this is true, that is the kind of a mattress I want, and to prove to me that these claims are true the writer goes on to say, “Remember, we sell on the complete understanding, if the mattress is not perfectly satisfactory, or better still, completely to your liking, it can be returned at our expense, and your money will be promptly refunded.”

A maker of refrigerators proves his goods are quality stock, too, when he says: “If I could only take you through our factory so you could see what goes into the ‘Morton’ and how it is put in - the care and pains we take to make a refrigerator that will last a lifetime, you would not hesitate to make the investment.”

The average man wants proof, first, of the values you offer. This holds good whether you are selling emery wheels or elephants. It must either be better at the same price, or priced lower, than similar goods purchased elsewhere. Even where the article for sale has no competitor it is necessary to assure the customer, directly or indirectly, that he is getting a bit more than his money’s worth.

How to Create Desire in Business Letter?