How to Export?

How to Export? :

The specialty of this page is that it provides in a simple logical manner various steps, facilities and incentives relating to export business. Export business is there since time immemorial. After the computer-era came into our lives and the world-economy was started being run by internet, export business has become very easy. Many top-notch companies have started earning major portion of their income from export. The time-long companies which have been doing export business for a long time also have multiplied their business for simple reasons such the availability of the relevant information in the internet.

Starting export business is not a child play. But with moderate level of knowledge, any one can start this export business. Without buying any goods and producing any commodity, many people simply do this export business with their knowledge of WHAT IS WHAT is export business.

Although the basics of doing export business are the same, the rule and regulations for export-business may vary from country to country. You had better gather more information about the export business from the relevant organizations in your country. What we have provided is only the basics which will be suitable for all the countries.

There are few other pages on…

  1. Golden Rules for Successful Exporting
  2. Preliminaries for Starting Export Business
  3. Registration of Exporters
  4. Exporting Samples ( Sending Samples )
  5. Appointing Overseas Agents
  6. Obtaining An Export Licence
  7. Obtaining Export Credit Insurance
  8. Arranging Finance for Exports
  9. Understanding Foreign Exchange Rates
  10. Manufacturing Goods for Export
  11. Procuring Goods for Export
  12. Labelling Goods for Export
  13. Packaging Goods for Export
  14. Packing Goods for Export
  15. Marking Goods for Export
  16. Excise Procedure
  17. Insuring Goods against Marine Risks
  18. Preparing Export Documents
  19. Shipping and Customs Clearance of the Goods
  20. Submitting Documents to Bank for Negotiation under L / C
  21. Submitting Documents to Bank for Collection under L / C
  22. Submitting Documents to Bank for Purchase under L / C
  23. Letter of Credit
  24. Foreign Exchange Facilities
  25. Availing Facilities under Import Export Policy
  26. Availing Financial Incentives
  27. Availing Fiscal Incentives
  28. Special Schemes for Export Promotions
  29. Services Exports
  30. Agricultural Exports Zones
  31. Exports to SAARC Countries
  32. Institutional Support for Exporters

These pages will ensure good beginning for the new entrants in the export business. We have taken the utmost care to provide authentic information and explanations, yet some errors might have crept in inadvertently. Kindly bring such errors to our notice so that we ill set right those errors. Suggestions for improvements are always welcome. We will do justice to your valuable suggestions.

Scope of this page :

In this page we shall discuss in brief, how to export, when to export and where to export. Besides, we shall enumerate various incentives and facilities available. For this purpose, we will proceed step by step to unveil the various formalities and procedures involved, right from establishing the business organisation to the successful exporting overseas and available incentives provided by the Government/ Other authorities.

This will entail the study of the following subjects :

  • 1. Setting up of a most suitable type of business organisation

  • 2. Securing Registration

  • 3. Doing Export Business Correspondence

  • 4. Sending / exporting samples and exhibits

  • 5. Appointing Overseas agents

  • 6. Negotiating with Prospective Buyers and entering into Export Contracts

  • 7. Understanding new Export Policy and Procedures

  • 8. Obtaining Credit Limit for the Buyer/Buyer's Country from E.C.G.C.

  • 9. Obtaining Finance lor Export

  • 10. Booking Forward Exchange Contracts for Avoiding Loss From Adverse Exchange Rate Fluctuations

  • 11. Ensuring Compliance with Quality Control and Preshipment Inspection of Goods

  • 12. Labelling, Packaging, Packing and Marketing Export Consignments

  • 13. Obtaining Excise Clearance

  • 14. Arranging Marine Insurance of the Goods

  • 15. Complying with the Exchange Control Regulations regarding Declaration of Goods

  • 16. Preparing / Obtaining Export Documents

  • 17. Shipping and Customs Clearance of the Goods and Indian Customs EDI System

  • 18. Tendering the Documents to the Bank

  • 19. Understanding Foreign Exchange Regulations and Facilities

  • 20. Obtaining various facilities under the new EXIM Policies

  • 21. Obtaining export incentives under the Duty Drawback Scheme, Natural Rubber Subsidy Scheme, Marketing Development Assistance

  • 22. Reimbursement of Central Sales Tax

  • 23. Availing Tax Exemptions/Deductions under the Income Tax Act and Sales Tax Laws

    NOTE :

    We have tried our best to incorporate the latest information in this page. You are requested that befor taking any action in pursuance of this page, you should refer relevant official publications. We are neither responsible for the result of any action taken on the basis of this page nor for any error or omission to any person.

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