How to Hold Interest of The Reader?

How to Hold Interest of The Reader? :

IT IS best to look at the proposition from the user’s standpoint always and to present it in its final relation to that user. To describe the details of manufacture and the high grade, expensive materials used in a fountain-pen is the maker’s ides: the user wants to know that this pen never leaks, is easily and quickly refilled, that it does not clog and requires no special sort of writing fluid.

Nor is it enough that these vital facts be stated - they must be put in such phrases as will attract, humor and convince the reader. A real estate promoter shows us how this may be done:

“Fresh Spring Water, so pure and delicious that it is bottled and sold, is piped through all the streets. Just think of that, as compared with having to buy your table water, or to drink Croton water unsatisfactorily filtered!”

A manufacturer of bathroom equipment is equally successful when he says:

“Porcelain Enameled Ware is a perfect unity of iron and porcelain enamel - the strongest and most durable combination ever produced in a sanitary fixture, having the indestructible strength of iron with the showy elegance of fine china. Their extraordinary wearing quality is only one of the reasons why these beautiful fixtures afford more years of satisfactory service per dollar of cost than any other variety of plumbing equipment in the world.”

In some cases the points of superiority consist in high quality of raw material, exceptional grade of labor or peculiar process of manufacture. The common expressions used to qualify these points carry no conviction. “Best on earth,” “above competition,” “secret process of manufacture,” - such stereotyped phrases were abandoned by intelligent writers when P.T. Barnum struck Broadway fifty years ago.

If Robinson Crusoe had been written in the “best on earth” style of generalities, it would never have reached print. The earmark of a true tale or a sincere description is an unconscious emphasis on little specific points that a man can scarcely imagine, but is sure to notice as he actually lives the part or touches the goods.

How to Hold Interest of The Reader?