How to Hold Interest of The Reader?

How to Hold Interest of The Reader? :

THIS should be the idea of the sales-letter writer as well as the salesman - show the gods in their final relation to the customer.

A salt manufacturer carries out this idea in this manner: “You know how ordinary table salt refuses to sift in damp weather and when dry, cakes in the salt sellers like adamant. Our salt is always dry and flaky and it flows freely on the dampest day.”

And a maker of underwear strikes home when he says: “Crown underwear lets your body breathe. A continuous current of fresh air passes through the holes in the fabric, cooling, cleaning and stimulating the pores of the skin.”

Such description wins interest and even arouses desire because the reader feels its relation to himself.

But under no circumstances, in the efforts to make your explanation of human interest, let it make an indefinite impression.

Better picture your product with the exactness with which the draftsman draws a new machine, even though it does look dry and mechanical, than convey any but the actual facts, and convey them plainly.

The most successful mediums today, the big mail order houses describe their products with the most exact and apparently prosaic details.

But to give the width and length of a rug, the exact order of colors, the length of the fringe - these facts give an impression of realness and also visualize the article to the customer.

Not only visualize it, but also by giving the dimensions and appearance, visualize it in the place where the buyer would like to see it, on the floor in a certain spot in the home where it will fit.

How to Hold Interest of The Reader?