How to Induce The Readers of Business Letters?

How to Induce The Readers of Business Letters? :

A good letter, showing strong inducement presented in a naturally expressed, man-to-man talk that wins the reader’s confidence.

Dear Mr. Wilson,

It is just a year since I sent you that memorable letter about the Crown Calculator. When that letter was written I had an unknown, unheard of appliance to tell you about. Today nearly 5,000 of these machines are in everyday use.

In great business offices all over the land, in stores, in factories, the Crown is saving time, money and errors in clerical labor. It is no longer an experiment. It is a proved, practical appliance which has made itself indispensable wherever it has been installed.

I don’t know why you have been silent during these twelve months. But whatever has prevented you from trying this machine, I want to remove that obstacle now. I want to permit you to place this calculator in your office and try it even though you fully intend in advance to send it back - even indeed if I receive nothing from you a frank opinion of it and a return shipment at my expense.

So I am making you this offer - an offer so fair and broad that even if you had made it yourself you could not have made the conditions fairer. It is no longer a question of whether the machine is really practical - for 5,000 concerns you know and respect have actually tried it out - and now stand behind it. It is no longer a question of whether or not you can afford it - for under the new offer, YOU PAY FOR THE MACHINE AS IT PAYS FOR ITSELF.

Read the offer through and ask yourself if you could receive a fairer one. A quarter a day - the cost of a couple cigars - places the Crown in your office AT ONCE. The first payment of $5 enables you to put the machine into immediate money-saving money-making use. And the balance you have nearly a whole year to pay.

I have attached a convenient coupon to the circular enclosed. Simply sign this coupon - enclose it in an envelope with a $5 bill and mail it to me - AT MY RISK. Your name is enough security for me. The Crown will go forward, all transportation charges fully prepaid, as fast as return express can take it.

Yours very truly,

How to Induce The Readers of Business Letters?