How to Start A Letter?

How to Start A Letter? :

NEXT in importance to the display-line as a means of riveting attention, stands the work “You.” Noth ing is so important to a man as himself. There is no subject on which he would rather talk - or listen.

Some say this is vanity. It is not. No man ever amounted to anything who did not consider himself, his methods, plans, judgment, accomplishments, to be thoroughly practical and worthy of emulation.

This is not smugness or self-complacency. It is the normal attitude of a man entitled to sit at a roll-top desk. It is, if you please, your own attitude - the attitude of self-respect.

The intelligent writer of sales letters will employ the word “You” with tact and discretion.

Because it is the open sesame to every man’s attention is the very reason why it should be carefully guarded and sparingly used for business getting at all times.

A sales letter is designed to lead a man to a new interest, change a man’s point of view or alter his past convictions.

Before he reads the letter he holds one of three views either he never heard of your proposition (in which case he must be enlightened); or he is satisfied with his present goods or methods or he has an active prejudice against you.

In any case, his opinion must be respected, though you are writing in an endeavor to alter it.

How to Start A Letter?