How to Write A Persuasive Business Letter?

How to Write A Persuasive Business Letter? :

THE best way to persuade a man to take a trip into the country with you is not to say, “Come on, Bill, don’t stick around here all the time - come on - what’s the use of wasting all your time in the city - loosen up for once - come on, won’t you?”

The weak-willed man may give in to such persuasion - if he has no good reasons for not going. But the average man buckles up his back against such tactics.

There are men who can take you away from business, even when you ought to stay in town - and want to stay in town. But such a man will approach the matter very tactfully. He will start with a sigh..

“Gee! I’ll bet it’s pretty in the country just now. Don’t you get to longing about this time every year to get out and lie on the grass—to tramp through the woods - or wander along the banks of some little creek and smoke your pipe?

“I’d just like to get on some old clothes and gather water-cress - say, did you ever tramp along some clear, fresh stream, gather a big bunch of crisp, green water-cress, spear some bull-frogs, roast the frog-legs on a stick over a wood fire, then eat frog-legs, water-cress, bread and butter? - and afterward lie under a tree and smoke and then take a brisk walk home?

“Gee, old man, what do you say to knocking off business and taking a run up to the Glens for Saturday and Sunday - I know just exactly the place up there? Never mind business - I have got business, too, -it will only be one day gone, and you do twice as much work the day after - let’s be happy and have one of the good old-fashioned times.”

Which man would get you?

That’s persuasion.

First make the customer want the goods - then show how easy it is to get them - gently lead him over the line.

Here is the way a correspondence school uses largely the same idea:

“Think of those times when you have yearned for a future - when you have grown impatient with the barriers that seem to hold you down to such a narrow sphere of life - when you hear of the career of some acquaintance whom you know to be inwardly no more capable than you! It is a matter of developed opportunity.

“Our instructions perfect you in a profession that is golden with opportunity. It fits you for success anywhere. Would you like to make your residence in busy, cosmopolitan New York?

Would you like to live in some quaint old southern town like New Orleans? Would you like some bustling western city like Kansas City, or San Francisco? Would you like to live in a quiet old national capital, - Washington?

“The profession we will train you to, will enable you to choose your own location - there is unlimited demand for it everywhere. Will you not let me show you how you may reach out and grasp this opportunity?”

How to Write A Persuasive Business Letter?