How to Write A Persuasive Business Letter?

How to Write A Persuasive Business Letter? :

IF A touch of persuasion seems necessary to the proper rounding out of a letter, endeavor to hide it or dilute it, with another ingredient.

See how cleverly this silversmith disguises his persuasion, for instance, how he suggests to me my need of such goods as he offers:

“Does your table equipment as fairly represent your taste and means and far sighted prudence as the balance of your household furnishings? Why not? Your family’s happiest hours are spent there. Your friends gather there. The finest associations of your household center about the table. A sterling silver service helps to perpetuate these associates in recollection, and if your selection is a work of true art, reflects credit upon you, through succeeding generations.”

No matter how sincere you may be, and no matter how really important and deep-reaching your proposition may be to your prospect, bear always in mind that you are in is office uninvited and perhaps unwelcome and that you may not presume to the slightest intimacy. Here, if anywhere, does the element of breeding enter into business correspondence.

Persuasion of the exhortation type, as practiced by the dominie who prefixes every phrase with “O, Brethren,” is too dangerous for an ordinary mortal to attempt.

How to Write A Persuasive Business Letter?