How to Write A Persuasive Business Letter?

How to Write A Persuasive Business Letter? :

ABOVE all, don’t try to persuade a man to answer your letters by assuming an attitude of injury. If a man writes to you for information about the article you have for sale, or requests the sample of booklet you offer to give away free, don’t think you can make him send you money by causing him to feel that he is indebted to you for sending him what you agreed to, free of all charges. Don’t dictate, or attempt to force him to do business with you. Any letter a man writes you because he thinks he has to is n’t worth the stamp that carries it.

Here, for example, is the way one firm begins a letter which it expects to win customers.

“Did you ever have the unpleasant experience of addressing a person upon a subject, without even being accorded the courtesy of a reply—or worse still, did you ever answer any one’s questions, to the best of your ability, without receiving a word in return for your time or trouble? If you have had either one or both of these experiences, you will understand how we feel because you haven’t answered our letters.”

That is only the beginning of this wailing and gnashing of teeth letter. The first thing the young man who received this letter said was, “My, look at the raking over these fellows are giving me, simply because I accepted their invitation to investigate their article. I didn’t find it what I wanted, so what was the use of writing?”

Antagonism is the first product of such a letter. Instead of going after a prospect as though he had committed a sin, it would have been a hundred per cent more profitable to have continued the follow-up with a letter showing the prospect that the article was what he needed and wanted.

Another correspondence school gets this idea when it wrote.

“Nearly every man can look back—and not so far back either for most of us—and say, If I had taken that chance, I would be much better off now. That is what you will say some day not far off, if you fail to consider seriously what we have offered you in our law courses, for our proposition means just what I have said—a bigger earning capacity, a better position and standing, and brighter prospects in life.”

How to Write A Persuasive Business Letter?