How to Write A Persuasive Business Letter?

How to Write A Persuasive Business Letter? :

BUT there is another and subtler form in which the art of suggestion is employed, which may be used frequently and with good results. A prominent ladies’ tailor used this idea effectively when he wrote:

“I am sure, madam, that if you could see yourself in one of these suits, you would acknowledge its perfect fit and exceptional finish.”

Here is only a suggestion. The active persuasion is left to the imagination which, picturing a desirable result, can be counted upon to overcome the objections of the reader.

A watch manufacturer makes good use of suggestion in this way: “You probably do not buy a watch with the idea of selling it again; yet that is a pretty good test of value. If you want to know the stands of a brand name, try to buy one at second hand.”

And even so simple an article as a patent window lock is given a strong appeal when it is put up to me on a basis of suggested cause and effect after this fashion.

“Why sleep or try to sleep with your windows shut tight and awake in the morning with a dull, sick headache? The WALKER LOCK will give you fresh air without sacrificing security, and you will get up refreshed and ready for a big day’s work, healthy and happy.”

Another case is that of a piano agency which has done a large business in the East, chiefly through sales-letters written by the head of the firm. One argument presented was.

“Talk this proposition over with your husband. As a businessman, he will be able to guide you in business matters. The choice of the instrument can be left to you safely.”

How to Write A Persuasive Business Letter?