How to Write A Persuasive Business Letter?

How to Write A Persuasive Business Letter? :

THE word PERSUASION suggests and actually involves a certain intimacy at which it is difficult to arrive in business. Before we dare employ the arts of persuasion we must know that our standing with our prospective customer is such that he will not resent our placing a paternal hand on his knee and talking to him “for his own good.”

When we have presented our proposition and adduced proof in support of every statement which is not self-evident, we may employ persuasion to gain our end.

But-as you hope for results! - employ it sparingly and with diffidence. Put into it all the ingenuous indirection that you know.

Appeal to the other man’s springs or action. Keep yourself and your will far in the background.

Nothing is better calculated to stir the ire and call forth the contempt of a big, busy, self-sufficient business man than to be asked, “Can you afford to be without this great boon another day? —will you let your prejudice stand between you and future wealth?” and similar exhortation.

Nothing will so quickly freeze your prospective client into glacial indifference as “Will your stockholders approve of your rejecting this dividend-producing offer?”

Yet these phrases and dozens from the same can have been used and used by men whose familiarity with their own work has allowed them to become familiar with their customers.

How to Write A Persuasive Business Letter?