How to Write A Resume?

How to Write A Resume? : Components of A Resume

What should be included in your Resume?

Let us learn how to write a resume? Submission of a resume is an important step towards getting a job. The main purpose of the resume is to get you an interview so your resume should contain only such information that reveals all the positive aspects of your skills, qualification and other attributes that induces and motivates the prospective employer to invite you for an interview.

This is an informatory document which includes the contents serially in an organized and impressive manner. The contents should be concise to save the time of your would-be employer. This page contains information to learn how to write a resume? Important contents of a resume are….

  1. Contact Information :

    Name, full address (address for communication), Telephone and mobile number, e-mail address and website address (if any) are generally written at the top of your resume.

    Write your full name first.

    Never quote your nickname.

    Write your permanent address.

    If the address for communication is different from the permanent, write that also.

    Write your permanent telephone number with area code to avoid communication gap.

    If you have a mobile, add mobile number also.

    Add your e-mail address. In today’s world, the e-mail address is becoming very useful and necessary. Please note to use an e-mail address that sounds professional and not a funny one. You should learn how to write a resume?

    Include your website address only if the webpage reflects your professional ambitions.

  2. Objective :

    Stating an objective is optional, but we suggest you to include it with due care.

    This includes type of position or occupational field you cherish to take as your career aim and it also shows your special interests or areas of focus. This is a two or three sentence overview of your skills, qualities, hopes and plans. It should encourage the employer to read the rest. An objective tells the employer the sort of work you’re expected to do or you are interested in. The objective should be tailored as per the need of the job and is different for each employer you target/every job you seek.

  3. Qualification Summary :

    In case an applicant has some significant achievements to display, it is recommended to have a separate summary section. This summary section contains brief paragraph of your important qualities to support your claim and state why the company should choose you over other applicants. Here, you are to mention those of your achievements that are relevant to the job being applied for.

  4. Work Experience :

    Under this heading, mention your most recent experience first. Give the name of your employer, job title and more important what were your specific achievements in that job. Part time work may also be included if it has any relevance to the job you are applying for.

    You should also mention…

    • Title of position

    • Name of organization

    • Location of work

    • Duration of employment

    • Describe your job profile with emphasis on specific skills and your achievements. There are few more points on how to write a resume?

  5. Education :

    Mention name of course/degree, year of passing, name of the university and subjects studied as well as the percentage/grade/division secured in the respective courses. You should also mention any special project, thesis or dissertation work undertaken by you during the period.

    Your most recent educational information should be listed first.

    Pre-college courses (high school etc.) should be mentioned after that. Earlier courses, taken at say age 15-16 may not need much detail. Freshers should list their educational information first. Alumni can list it after the work experience section.

  6. Additional Information :

    Under this heading you may include the following.

    Professional skills or positions held during student life

    Special skills ( computer proficiency, language known, publication work done)

    Military or community service undertaken or any other kind of leadership experience

    Participation in sports and athletic activities

    If you have published any articles, jointly or independently, give details. If you have been involved in any type of volunteer work, do give the details. Ability in other language, computer programming may also be included.

    While listing the activities, please note that the employer may be interested in ascertaining about your leadership qualities but may not be interested in your hobbies like stamp collection, games played by you and how many times you won. While mentioning activities under this head, give only the details that may be of interest for the employer.

  7. Personal Details :

    In this section some personal details of the candidate are given like father’s name, date of birth, nationality, language known, height, weight, health. These details usually differ from country-to-country. In some countries like India, name of father and date of birth are necessary to mention to ascertain his identity. There are few more points on how to write a resume?

  8. Personal interests or hobbies :

    Personal interests or hobbies need not be included on your resume if these are irrelevant to the job you have applied for. For example, if you are applying for a position of a Sales Executive in a sports store, your interest or involvement in sports is a fact the employer would be interested to see. In such a case, it is advisable to mention personal interests or hobbies. Otherwise including this heading in some way may prove to be a negative aspect.

  9. References :

    It is not advisable to include any references in your resume. It is advisable to mention at the bottom of your resume. References will be furnished on request. Prepare them in another sheet and present only when asked. The better option is you should not write any thing about the reference. It means, there should not be any section named Reference.


Your resume should contain only the factual information and not your opinion about you or what you think you are good at. The information submitted must be clear, concise and logical. Make sure it contains nothing ambiguous. Whatever you have mentioned on your resume should be supported by the certificates. Usually people in-charge of selection have little time to scan your resume. For each position, they may receive a large number of applications. And they do not have more than 30 seconds to go through our resume. Are you clear now about how to write a resume?

How to Write A Resume?

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