How to use WILL?

How to use WILL? :

We use WILL to talk about something in the future. Instead of WILL, SHALL is sometimes used (especially in fomal English) for the simple future, but only with I and we.

I will (or shall) be ready in an hour.

You will know the result in a week.

I expect ashok wil get a first class.

With you, WILL is often used to make requests.

Will you open the window, please?

Will you please pass the salt?

Requests are more polite if they are made with WOULD instead of WILL.

Will you come with me to town?

Would you come to dinner tomorrow night?

We also use WOULD YOU LIKE in inviations.

Would you like some more rice?

Would you like to come with me to the cinema?

Shall I / we is used in offers, suggestions and requests for orders or advice.

Shall I carry your bag? (Offer)

Shall we go out this evening? (Suggeston)

Which sari shall I buy? (What is your advice?)

In formal style, SHALL is used for third person commands.

Members of the play shall pay the subscription of Rs. 10 every month.

WOULD and SHOULD are used as the past equivalents of WILL and SHALL.

I said I would (less usual : should) be ready in an hour.

I expected Ashok would get a first calss.

SHOULD is often used to express duty, obligation or necessity.

You should obey your parents.

He should work hard.

Should + have+ past participle is used for a past obligation that was not fulfilled.

You should have driven carefully. (But you didn’t.)

I should have returned the books to the library last Monday and now I have to pay a fine.

WILL and SHOULD can also be used to express probability.

We use WILL when we are nearly certain about a situation, SHOULD when we are less certain.

That will be the postman (=I feel nearly sure that is the postman.)

He will have reached Bombay already. (The plane is to reach Bombay at 4.30 am. It is 4.40 am now.)

He should be at the circus now. (He said he would go to the curus this evening, so I suppose he is there.)

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How to use WILL?

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