If It is not Broke Do Not Fix It.

If It is not Broke Do Not Fix It. :

I Hereby Give Notice Of My Intention. :

Hereby is used sometimes in formal and official declarations and statements to give greater force to the speaker’s or the writer’s affirmation. People will say it sometimes to emphasise their sincerity and correctness.

I May Be Daft. But I Am Not Stupid. :

I might do or say silly things occasionally, but in this instance I know what I am doing (usually used when someone questions your application of common sense.)

I Should Cocoa. :

This idiom comes from ‘I should think so’, but is normally used sarcastically to mean the opposite.

I Will Cross That Road When I Come To It. :

I will think about something just when it happens, not in advance.

  • “Why do you bother me now? I have no intention to marry. I will cross the road when I come to it.”

    I Will Eat My Hat. :

    You can say this when you are absolutely sure that you are right to let the other person know that there is no change of your being wrong.

  • Rajan told his manager that he’ll eat his hat if his plan went wrong.

    I Have Got A Bone To Pick With You. :

    If somebody says this, they mean that they have some complaint to make against the person they are addressing.

  • “Ravi,” called Meera, “I’ve got a bone to pick with you.”

    I Have Got Your Number. :

    You have made a mistake and I am going to call you on it. You are in trouble. I have a disagreement with you. I understand your true nature.

    Icing On The Cake :

    This expression is used to refer to something good that happens on top of an already good thing or situation.

    Idle Hands Are The Devil’s Handiwork. :

    When someone is not busy or being productive, trouble is bound to follow.

    If At First You Don’t Succeed Try Again. :

    When you fail, try until you get it right!

  • Do not lose heart! If at first you don’t succeed, try again.

    If I had a nickel for every time :

    When someone uses this expression, they mean that the specific thing happens a lot. It is an abbreviation of the statement ‘If I had a nickel for every time that happened, I would be rich’

    If It is not Broke, Do Not Fix It. :

    Any attempt to improve on a system that already works is pointless and may even hurt it.

    If It is not Broke Do Not Fix It.
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