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Internship Letter :

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Dear _____________,

Signing the biggest clients and hiring the best people requires a great deal of style and social interaction. As a corporate executive it is your job to ensure your company has an appropriate spot where this interaction can take place. The answer is Capitol Country Club.

Capitol Country Club offers a variety of activities and sports. You can discuss business during a round of golf or after a spirited game of tennis or racquetball. We also offer a variety of dining facilities. From quiet, distinguished restaurants, to a pool-side bar, you’ll always be able to find the perfect place to take each client.

As an introductory offer, Capitol Country Club is offering a discount on all corporate memberships. To arrange for a free tour of our facilities please call Sarah at (0512) 6555-3928. Make your clients feel that their comfort and enjoyment, as well as their business, is your top priority. Bring them to the Capitol Country Club.

Yours Sincerely,

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Internship Letter