Job Posting for Field Sales Manager

Job Posting for Field Sales Manager :

This Job Posting should be typed in the official letter-head of the company.

JOB TITLE : Field Sales Manager

DEPARTMENT : Sales Department

ACCOUNTABILITY : Reports to Director of Sales Department

JOB DESCRIPTION : Will develop, from scratch, a field sales force in over 20 Maharashtra cities

PRIMARY DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES : Establishes sales territories. Recruits and trains qualified, energetic, and aggressive sales representatives for innovative computer marketing company. Manages sales force to meet and exceed sales objectives.

QUALIFICATIONS : At least five (5) years sales experience. Three (3) years experience managing a field sales organization.

REQUIRED SKILLS AND ABILITIES : Ability to establish and supervise a sales force of 50. Excellent interpersonal skills. Ability to establish equitable sales territories.

WORKING CONDITIONS : Requires heavy air, car, and train travel plus overnight stays in various U.S. cities.

Job Posting for Field Sales Manager