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Kind Of Business Letter : Letter From A Freelance Journalist To The Editor Of A Newspaper Regarding The Survey Conducted By Him In Respect To The Likings And Disliking Of TV Serials And Programmers By The Teenagers In Your City

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I have conducted a survey of TV watching teenagers for almost six months. I noted a few important points which are universally applicable to all the children who fall between the age group of thirteen and nineteen.

A few special traits and tendencies govern their minds. The teenagers generally select those TV programmers which are action oriented or have a love triangle. They prefer adventurous stories, serials full of love, romance and separation, detective episodes, comics and some other programmes like cartoon films. They do not relish things of lofty and sublime nature. They enjoy funny, imaginative, frivolous and boisterous programmes which can make them jump. Some serials which show conflict with the society in the matter of love and marriage is also liked by the teenagers very much. They do not need things of intellectual nature.

I think such type of tendenies are not good for their over all development. They are living in imaginations and dreams. They are being carried away from the reality of the world. They should be inspired to watch different programmes connected with political, social, religious and economic discussions. It is must for the healthy development of the teenagers. The parents should check the children and try to discuss with them and quench their querries. Something radical should be done to raise the level of teenagers thinking. In fact the parents can play a vital role in this matter.

I request you to publish this survey report in one of the columns of your leading daily and oblige.

Yours faithfully,
Rajesh Tiwari
A Freelancer


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