Knickers in A Twist

Knickers in A Twist :

Kiss of Death :

The kiss of death is an action that means failure or ruin for someone, a scheme or a plan.

Kiss Something Goodbye :

If someone tells you that you can kiss something goodbye, you have no chance of getting or having it:

Kissing Cousin :

A kissing cousin is someone you are related to but not closely.

Kitchen-Sink Drama :

Kitchen-sink drama deals with ordinary people’s lives.

Kith And Kin :


Your kith and kin are your family. Your next of kin are close relations you nominate to deal with your affairs in the event of your death on a document like a passport.

  • All my kith and kin congratulated me on my brilliant success.

    Knee-Jerk Reaction :

    Knee-jerk reaction is an instant, instinctive response to a situation.

  • One could see the knee-jerk reaction among the students when the headmaster enters the classroom.

    Knickers in A Twist :

    When your knickers are in a twist, you are angry and snappish over something trivial.

  • Whenever he loses his car keys, Ravi gets his knickers in a twist.

    Knight in Shining Armour :

    A knight in shining armour is someone who saves you when you are in great trouble or danger.

    Knit Your Brows :

    If you knit your brows, you frown or look worried.

    Knock Them Dead :

    The idiom KNOCK THEM DEAD is used as a way of wishing someone luck before they give a performance or have to appear before people as in an interview.

    Knock On Wood :

    This idiom is used to wish for good luck.

    Knock Something On The Head :

    If you knock something on the head, you stop it or stop doing it.

    Knickers in A Twist
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