Laugh A Minute

Laugh A Minute :

Laugh A Minute :

Someone who is a laugh a minute is very funny.

Laugh To See A Pudding Crawl :

Someone who would laugh to see a pudding crawl is easily amused and will laugh at anything.

Laugh Up Your Sleeve :

If you laugh up your sleeve, you laugh at someone secretly.

Laughing Stock :

If someone becomes a laughing stock they do something so stupid or wrong that no one can take them seriously and people scorn and laugh at them.

Laughing Stock :

A person who excites laughter

Because of his unusual fatness, he has become a laughing stock of the class.

Laughter is The Best Medicine. :

Laughing is often helpful for healing especially emotional healing.

Law Unto Yourself :

If somebody’s a law unto themselves, they do what they believe is right regardless of what is generally accepted as correct.

Lay Down The Law :

If someone lays down the law, they tell people what to do and are authoritarian.

Lead Astray :

To misguide

Don’t move in bad company otherwise you will be led astray.

Lead By The Nose :

To lead in whatever manner one likes

  • A clever policeman can lead the ignorant masses by the nose.

    Lead Someone Up The Garden Path :

    If someone leads you up the garden path, they deceive you or give you false information that caused you to waster your time. LEAD SOMEONE DOWN GARDEN PATH is also used.

    Lead With The Chin :

    If someone leads with their chin, they speak or behave without fear of the consequences.

    Laugh A Minute
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