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This is a sample letter asking someone to be a referee.

M.R.K. Rajaraman,
78/198 B : First Cross,
VVK Nager,
Chennai 600009.
Phone : 044 67458091

19th March 2009

Dr. Manikandan,
Department of Geology,
University of Madras,
Chennai 600004.

Dear Dr. Manikandan,

I am applying for a job as a FIELD GEOLOGIST with an international petrochemical company and I am required by that company to provide the names of two persons as referees in my application.

Since I completed my honours degree with distinction two years back under your tutelage, I feel that you know my work better than any other person and that you are the most suitable person to assess my works. May I use your name as a referee?

I have enclosed a stamped and self-addressed envelope for your reply.

With thanks.

Yours truly,

(M.R.K. Rajaraman)

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