Letter Asking Someone
to Write a Recommendation

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This is a sample letter asking someone to write a recommendation.

Nathan Kumar,
89/165 H : North East Extension,
West Mandhir,
New Delhi – 100021,

19th April 2008

Dr. Mork Jung Mahn,
Department of Computer Science,
Indian Institute of Technology,
New Marg,
New Delhi 100032,India.

Dear Dr. Mork Jung Mahn,

I have applied for a job as a Junior Software Engineer, as I mentioned in my previous letter, in The Multinational Company Texas Instruments Computer Company. The company has asked me produce two recommendation letters from my referees to be sent direct to them.

Since I have completed two projects related to software under your tutelage, I feel that you are the opt person to write a recommendation letter for me. Please forgive me for troubling you with this request. As you have permitted me to add your name as one of my referees, I think that this will not take much of your time and this will not trouble you much.

They have a produced a form for that purpose. I have enclosed the form with this letter. Please write the letter of recommendation for me and send it direct to the company.

Thank you once again for your support.

Yours Sincerely,

Nathan Kumar

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