Letter Giving An Estimate

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This is a sample Letter Giving An Estimate.

Loh Boon Telk

45 Jalan Bersatu,
87000 Keluang.

1 Sep. 19xx

Mr. Abdul Haleem Mana,
Gaya Enterprise,
556 Lorong Abdul Majid,
86000 Keluang.

Dear Mr. Haleem,

Estimate for renovation work

Here is my estimate for the proposed renovation work to your shop.

  1. 1 metal sliding door

  2. 1 Ardex roof 1' x 30'

  3. Repair to drains & other minor work

I can start work on 13 September if you agree to my estimate.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Loh Boon Teik,

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