Letter Introducing The New Product

Letter Introducing The New Product : Introducing The New {Whizbang Widget}

This letter should be typed in the official letter-head of the company.

The Company's Name

Door Number and Street's Name,
Area Name,
Postal Code : XXXXXX
Phone Number : 0000 - 123456789

TO :

The Receiver's Name,
Door Number and Street's Name,
Area Name,
Postal Code : XXXXXXX

Date :

Reference :

Dear _____________,

I wanted to write to give advanced notice of a fabulous new product we’re about to get in our store.

I’m only telling our most valued customers about this exciting new product before anyone else. That way you can have the first opportunity to take advantage of all the benefits the new {whizbang widget} has to offer, before the general public even finds out about it.

Here’s what makes the {whizbang widget} so incredible:

• {benefit of widget.}

• {another benefit of widget.}

• {one last benefit of widget.}

But that’s not all. I’ve reserved one of these {widgets}, at a special price, for you if you come down to our {showroom} by {date}. That means you’ll the get the first chance to save on this exciting new product.

How much of a savings are we talking about? How does {30%} sound? That’s right, 30% off next week’s public introductory price. And the reason we’re offering such a steep discount is to reward you for being one of our best customers.

Now there’s just one catch. And that is, since we’re making this offer only to select customers, you’ve got to be discreet about this special offer. So when you come into the {store} please quietly hand one of our sales associates this letter and let them know you would like the {30% savings} off the new {whizbang widget}.

I hope I’ll see you down here before {date} and you can take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. As always, we appreciate your business.

See you soon!

Yours Sincerely,

(The Sender's Signature)

The Sender's Name

P.S. : One more thing. Since you are a preferred customer, if you decide to try the new {whizbang widget} you’ll get double our standard guarantee. That means instead of a 30 day money-back guarantee - you’ll get a full 60 days, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Letter Introducing The New Product