Letter Openings

Letter Openings :

One of the most important parts of your sales letter is your opening.

Those first few lines make people either read on…or simply toss your letter in the trash.

You’ve got to make anyone reading your opening feel absolutely compelled to keep going.

And this is really the toughest task of any letter.

That’s why a lot of good copywriters simply cross out their first paragraph or two and start from there.

It’s because when most people write it takes a little while to get warmed up.

Some tried and proven ways to get response are:

You can start off by asking a question that really hits home.

Or try using a story.

Or you can hint as to the benefits prospects will get from reading the letter.

And lots more.

Remember, you’ve only got seconds to grab a prospect’s attention — so study this collection of proven letter openings and use it as your resource.

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Letter Openings