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6, Nawab Jahangir Street,
HYDERABAD – 500 023.
Phone : 098 – 13245678
Fax : 098 - 13245678

6th June 2000

To :

Marlborough Management Institute,
81, Greens Avenue,
CALCUTTA – 700 019.

Attn : Principal

Dear Sirs,

We are a large scale industry in the field of ceramics. We are glad to understand that you conduct short-term courses catering to different levels of staff. We are particularly interested to depute some of our staff members in the following categories.

(i) Senior Sales Executives

(ii) Sales Supervisors

(iii) Accounts Officers

(iv) Production Engineers

Kindly let us know the type of courses you offer to cater to the needs of above personnel. We will be happy if you are going to conduct such courses in Hyderabad. Any case, please send the list of training programmes you are going to conduct in the near future along with the course fees.

In case you can accept to conduct different programmes in our office auditorium, we will be much obliged. In that case, please let us know your charges.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,




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