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465 Jalan Peraduan,
21600 Marang,

Tel : 09 8765 4366
Fax : 09 8765 4366

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Date : 6 July 19xx

The Manager,
Polygon Publications,
456 Jalan 211,
46200 Petaling,
Jaya Selangor.

Dear Sir / Madam,

Request for specimen copies

Many of my customers are school teachers and they often ask me to giver them specimen copies of your publications (and other publications) to show to their pupils. I notice that the specimen copies greatly help to increase sale of the particular titles.

As I do not have extra copies to give as specimen, could you send me some specimen copies of some of your titles in print? I am sure they will prove beneficial in time to come.

Thank you.

Your Faithfully

Ismail Md Nor,

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