Letter Sending an Unsolicited Article
to a Magazine

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This is a sample letter sending an unsolicited article to a magazine.

78/MNB First Street,
BHG Nager,
India 621800.
Tel : 06 - 459 097543

5 July 2009

The Editor,
Young World Magazine,
New World Publicatioos Sdn Bhd,
12 Jalan Raja Singa,
57900 India.

Dear Sir / Madam

Article for young children

I have written an article suitable for children of school-going age. I have enclosed a copy of the article with this letter. Perhaps you might kindly have a look and see if you like to use it in your magazine.

I shall be happy to make changes or even rewrite the article if you find anything lacking with the present one. I hope to hear from you soon. I have also included a stamped self-addressed envelope for your coovenience.

Thank you.

YOUrs Sincerely,

Ahmad Mohamed Yuns

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