Letter Solicting Advertising

Letter Solicting Advertising :

ABC Competition Review Pvt. Ltd.

191 / N - Patricia Avenue
Liverpool – 600 020
Phone : 0011 - XXXXXXXX
Fax : 0011 - XXXXXXXX

3rd February 2000

To :

326 / H - Raman Nair Street,
Maalyvalley – 682 016.

Dear Sirs,

We have the pleasure to offer our services to bring to your door a bumper crop of business by advertising for you in our monthly magazine which has become a craze for more that four lakhs and fifty thousand youths in the country. Our circulations at present exceeding 3,00,000 copies.

In our March Issue, we wish to cover exciting articles on cabinetry and garments. We are soliciting matching advertisements to catch up the attention of the youths.

The March Issue will present a most unusual and timely opportunity to publicise your very fine products.

We shall, therefore, like to have your instructions in the matter.

A copy of the advertisement tariff is enclosed.

Yours faithfuully,

For ABC Competition Review Pvt. Ltd.



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