Letter Writing

Letter Writing :

There are three important types of letters.

They are…

Personal Letter

Official Letters

Business Letters

In general, every letter has six parts.

They are as follows.

1. The Heading of A Letter

2. The Greetings and The Salutations

3. The Body of The Letter

4. The Subscription and Leave-Taking

5. Conclusion and Signature

6. The Superscription on The Envelope

Punctuation mark and the capital letters must be correctly used in a letter.

  1. Letter to The Headmaster of Your School Requesting Him to Give You A Scholarship

  2. Letter to The Headmaster of Your School to Grant You Leave Of Absence for Three Days

  3. Letter to the Headmaster of the Higher Secondary School requesting him to give you a testimonial and a conduct certificate

  4. Letter to the Tahsildar of your district requesting him to give you a community certificate

  5. Letter to the Editor of a newspaper complaining against the noises in your locality

  6. Letter to the Editor of The Hindu requesting him to publish an advertisement calling for applications for the post of a clerk

  7. Letter to a famous film-star inviting him (or her) to preside over a dramatic performance of the students of your school

  8. Letter to the Chairman of your municipality or the Mayor of your city requesting him to establish a school for the children of your locality

  9. Letter to The Team of another school inviting them to play a match with your school-team

  10. Letter to the Director, Doordharshan Kendra, New Delhi-1 expressing your appreciation of a programme

  11. Letter to a Book Publishing Company complaining against some damaged books sent by them

  12. Letter to A Book-Publisher Placing An Order for Some Books

  13. Letter to The Manager of The Transport Corporation to Reserve A Bus for Your Excursion Party

  14. Application for The Post of A Clerk at A Glass Factory

  15. Letter to The Postmaster-General of your state requesting him to establish a sub-post office in your place

  16. Letter to The Postmaster of your place to redirect your letters to your summer-vacation address

  17. Letter to The Postmaster of Your Locality complaining against the delay in the deliver of letters

  18. Letter to The Health Officer of The Municipality or Corporation of your town or city

  19. Letter to The Railway Authorities Reporting About The Loss of Luggage

  20. Letter of Complaint to The Inspector of Police about The Theft of Your Bicycle

  21. Letter to Your Father Describing The Sports Day of Your School

  22. Letter to Your Father Asking for His Permission to Join A College

  23. Letter to Your Father Requesting Him to Buy A Colour T.V. Set

  24. Letter to Your Father Describing Your Progress at School

  25. Letter to Father Requesting Him to Send You Some Money to Buy Your Books

  26. Letter to Mother describing the Independence Day celebration at you school

  27. Letter to Your Younger Sister Describing Your Visit to A Zoo

  28. Letter to Your Younger Sister Asking Her to Study Hard

  29. Letter to Your Uncle for having sent to you a wrist-watch as his gift on the occasion of your birthday celebration

  30. Letter to Your Cousin inviting him to see a tennis match in which you are participating

  31. Letter to your friend inviting him to join your picnic party to visit Mettur

  32. Letter to your friends inviting him to attend your birthday party

  33. Letter to A Doctor Expressing Your Gratitude

  34. Letter to The Employment Exchange Officer in Madras giving him your vacation address and requesting him to send his communications to your vacation address

  35. Letter to the employment exchange officer in Madras requesting him to cancel your registration…. because you have got a job without his help.

  36. Letter to your friend inviting him to attend your sister’s marriage

  37. Letter to A Novelist Appreciating His Latest Novel

  38. Letter to Your Friend Recommending The Best Novel You Have Read

  39. Letter to Your Friend Inviting Him to Join Your Pilgrimage

  40. Letter to Your Friend Congratulating Him / her on his/her getting the first prize in the essay competition

  41. Letter to Your Friend Inviting Him to come to your house in order to see the five-day cricket match between India and Australia

  42. Letter to Your Friend Describing An Accident You Have Seen on The Road

  43. Letter to Your Friend Congratulating Him on his having received the presidents Award for being the best boy scout of India in 1989

  44. Letter to Your Friend explaining to him the T.V. Programme you like most

  45. Letter to Your Friend Inviting Him (or her) to spend the Dasara Holidays with you in Mysore

  46. Letter to Your Friend Thanking Him for having sent you Diwali Greetings

  47. Letter to your friend inviting him to join you in Celebrating the Pongal Festival

  48. Letter to Your Friend Convalescing at A Nursing Home

  49. Letter to your friend describing the destruction caused by the earthquake in your town

Letter Writing

Letter Asking A Donation
Letter Asking A Favor
Letter Asking for More Details
Letter Asking for Donations
Letter Denying of Dealership
Letter for Change of Address
Letter for Distributorship
Letter for Employment
Letter for Hotel Reservation
Letter for Letter of Credit
Letter for Line of Credit
Letter for Product Launch
Letter for Promotion
Letter for Retirement Congrats
Letter for Scholarship
Letter for Settlement of Bill
Letter for Tender
Letter for Testimonial
Letter of Agreement
Letter of Assurance
Letter of Credit
Letter of Enquiry
Letter of Order
Letter of Persuasion
Letter of Sympathy
Letter Offering Discount
Letter Related to Advertisement
Letter Related to Despatch
Letter Related to Training
Letter to A Foreign Buyer
Letter to Pen-Friend
Letter to Police
Letter with Order
Letter with Quotation
Letter Writing
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