Letter-Writing :

Letter-Writing is an essential part of our life. We write letters on so many occasions. The habit of letter-writing starts in your school life. The first letter written by any one is his / her leave – letter to the class teacher or Headmaster to the School.

After finishing school / college life, one has to write letters for getting appointment by perusing the advertisements. In the meanwhile, letters are to be written to friends or relatives expressing Birth Day greetings, inviting a friend or relative to a function to be held in your house. You can write letters to your friends or relatives congratulating them on passing an examination or winning an award or getting elected in any public election. When you want to buy some books of your interest to read, you can write letter to a company requesting them the supply books. Various letters are written by people to newspapers on matters of public interest.

Letters being written on all the above mentioned occasions may be divided into two broad categories.

1. Personal or Friendly Letters

2. Business or Official Letters

Personal letters are written to express your feelings to your friend or relative to whom you have emotional bondage.

Business letters are written to anyone who is not your friend or relative. A business letter is meant to make a request or to perform a task.

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