Letter for 12 Month No-Risk Trial

Letter for 12 Month No-Risk Trial :

This letter should be typed in the official letter-head of the company. YES - I want to team up with 23 top marketing experts and copywriters and turn all my ads, sales letters, and webmarketing pieces into major winners. Please send me Bob Serling’s HOW TO WRITE MILLION DOLLAR ADS, SALES LETTERS AND WEB MARKETING PIECES right away.

I understand that my purchase is completely protected by Bob’s total satisfaction guarantee. I have 12 full months to test drive each and every strategy and technique of all 23 experts. If I’m not thoroughly convinced that my has marketing has improved substantially, or I’m not satisfied for any reason, you will refund every cent I paid. On that risk-free basis, here is my order.

Deluxe Edition. Includes complete course manual (462 pages) with: How To Write Million Dollar Sales Copy, The Headline Clinic, and 20 Leading Experts Take You On A Step-By-Step Tour Of Some Of Their Most Profitable Promotions.

Plus 3 Free Bonuses :

(1) Inside Secrets to Marketing On The Internet

(2) The 8 Key Secrets To Consistently Getting Tons of Free Publicity

(3) The Ted Nicholas Interview - Self Publishing and Copywriting Secrets.

Purchased separately, these items would cost $276. Special Price for $177.

Please add $6 shipping in US - $14 shipping to Canada and $40 all others.

MD residents : Be sure to add 5% sales tax.

Payment Method :

I’ve enclosed my check payable to Surefire Marketing, Inc.

Please charge my credit card below :


Mastercard :

American Express :

Discover :

Signature :

Card No. :

Expiry Date :

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E-mail :


Fax To 301-656-2471 (Anytime, 24 hrs)

Or call 1-800-896-6979 or +1 301-656-2424

Or Mail To: Surefire Marketing Inc.

14312 - Fairdale Rd - Silver Spring - MD 20905

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Letter for 12 Month No-Risk Trial
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Letter for 12 Month No-Risk Trial