Letter for Employment

Letter for Employment :

The former CEO of Xerox told me all I ever had to know about employment. When you are at the top like me, you can never find enough good people. Well, you can't even find enough mediocre ones. When you are trying the job candidate, you can't getanyone to talk to you.

There are few areas where the parties are so far apart. Employers are desperate to fill positions. Job candidates are desperate to get a chance. What can you do to bridge the gap as the job candidate?

First, as in chess, you should turn the tables and see it from the employer􀂶s point of view. What are they looking for? They want someone who will do the job. So all of your correspondence should be focused on this simple objective of the employer.

When hiring, the three key areas employers review are technical requirements, can do skills and will do commitment. Most employers concentrate on the first two, which are fairly easy to determine. Resumes are helpful in gauging these skills.

Do you have the right credentials, education, background and work experience? What they can't gauge is will you do the work. Most people won't, plain and simple. They will promise a lot but revert to what they want to do period. Marketing people who don'twant to sell but say they will. Bookkeepers that won't post the books. Customer service people who don't want to deal with customers.

Trust me it is true. So let's work on your will do skills. This must start with you. You must take an honest inventory of what you like to do and actually will do, not what you think you should do or others think you should do. If you like detail, but would like to be a big picture person, forget that in applying for that kind of job. Companies need detail oriented people. If you like people, companies need those people badly, especially in the inhospitable hospitality business. Think of how few waiters, waitresses, customer service people, or customer managers who actually like people. If you do, you are all set.

If you don􀂶t like people, but like to be in the background, companies need back office people who will put their nose to the paperwork. Be that person.

If you like people and sales, but not in person, be a telemarketer.

What Color is Your Parachute? is the perfect book to read. It was written by a priest, who, like a good religious person, thought of the individual in human terms. What do you like to do? What can you do? Now go do it by applying for those jobs.

How does this impact your cover letter and resume?

First, both should be short. No resume, even Jack Welch's, needs to be more than one page. All Mr. Welch would need to say for work experience is : CEO of GE for 20 years. Market Cap grew 8 billion percent; profits grew x%. Even the most experiencedperson can distill their resume. So you and I certainly can too.

Resumes should be tailored to the opportunity. With word processing capabilities there is no need for the old general mailings. Your competitors for these jobs are tailoringtheirs so you must do the same for yours.

Dear Mr. Jones of Holiday Inn,

I enjoy and am effective working with people. I have long experience in managing customer service people as well as doing the job myself.

I would welcome the opportunity to help Holiday Inn make their customers happy and satisfied with their experiences in your hotels, conference centers and restaurants.

My success has come largely through speed being fast to identify both a problem and a delivery solution and doing so with a smile. I know that it is my job to clean up after the inevitable problems that occur in any facility. Since I have done most of these jobs over the years, I know how easy it is to overlook something.

With this approach, customers have almost always responded favorably and come back again to places I have worked, even if they hit a bump on the road.

I hope you will give me a chance to speak with you about how I can help Holiday Inn do the job you want done.

Best regards,

Tom Mathews

The key is to get right on the subject of what you will do, that you have done it before, and you enjoy doing it. They can figure out from the resume that you can do it. Your mission in your cover letter is to prove you will do it, if given the chance.

Letter for Employment

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