Letter for Reviewing Audio Conferencing System

Letter for Reviewing Audio Conferencing System :

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Dear _____________,

While reviewing your company’s audio conferencing system last week, you expressed the desire to conduct your monthly board meeting via telephone as well. As I remember, the only stumbling block was that oftentimes certain presentation required face-to-face contact.

I did some research and believe I have found a way to meet both of your requirements. Our company has recently begun offering video conferencing technology to our clients. By expanding on your current system not only will you be able to participate through audio methods but by visual ones as well. By utilizing this video conferencing technology your company would save thousands in travel cost.

If you would like to discuss this idea in further detail please give me a call at (0246) 99555-55455 and we can arrange for a demonstration. I have enjoyed working with your company over the last three years and am continually on the lookout for new ways in which to meet your company’s needs.

Yours Sincerely,

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Letter for Reviewing Audio Conferencing System