Letter for Sending Books for An Exhibition

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This is a sample Letter for Sending Books for An Exhibition.

National Limited

191 / N - Patricia Avenue
Liverpool – 600 020
Phone : 0011 - XXXXXXXX
Fax : 0011 - XXXXXXXX

Your ref : VGT / 0091

Our Ref : SAL / 6 / 1425

6 March - 19XX

To :

Mr. Khoo Bee Huat,
Pusat Buku Megah,
2990 Jalan Bandar,
71000 Port Dickson, N.S.

Dear Mr Khoo,

RE : Book exhibition

As I have discussed with you over the telephone, this year we are unable to participate directly in your exhibition because of other prior commitments. However we are sending some books on consignment (see invoice No. 2345, 2346) with this letter for you to display and sell at the exhibition.

We wish you all the success in the exhibition.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

T. Mohan


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Letter for Sending Books for An Exhibition