Letter from A Landlord to A Tenant

Letter from A Landlord to A Tenant :

Ishwar Niwas,
191 / N - Patricia Avenue
Liverpool – 600 020
Phone : 0011 - XXXXXXXX
Fax : 0011 - XXXXXXXX

3rd February 2000

To :

Mr. Sharma,
326 / H - Raman Nair Street,
Maalyvalley – 682 016.

Dear Sirs,

I regret to say that you have not paid the rent of my house, you have rented, for the last three months. This is the third time you have accumulated rent and thereby caused a great inconvenience to me.

While I sympathise with you for your difficulties which may be genuine, because you are an honest man, I suggest you to shift to a cheaper house.

I am afraid it is not possible for me to wait and I am left with no choice but to ask you to vacate the house on the 1st of next month.

I hope, you will realise my problems and take a realise view of things and decide to rent a cheaper house.

Assuring you of the best of my attention and co operation.

Yours faithfuully,

(Ishwar Niwas)

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