Letter of Acknowledgement of The Export Order

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This is a sample Letter of Acknowledgement of The Export Order.


61, Kamal Das Street,
CALCUTTA – 700 032.
Phone : 098 – 13245678
Fax : 098 - 13245678

3rd May 2000

To :

Blue Moon Importers (P) Ltd.,
306, Zircon Road,
Zircon Plaza,

Attn : Mr. Chuan Chungh Manager

Dear Sirs,

Sub : Fragrance ítems

Ref : Your Order No. BEPL/23 dated 15th April 2000

Thank you very much for your above order in response to our quotation No. BMIL/36 dated 20th March. On scrutiny, we note the following discrepancies.

(i) We have mentioned that he payment will be against Irrevocable Letter of Credit, whereas you have stipulated 60 days credit.

(ii) We have not offered any discount, whereas you have specified 5% discount.

(iii) We need three months as delivery period, whereas you have mentioned three weeks as delivery period.

(iv) Our bankers are State Bank of Hyderabad and not State Bank of Patiala as mentioned by you.

Please effect the corrections and confirm the same to enable us to process your esteemed order.

Thanking you.

‎yours faithfully,




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