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Letter of Complaint About Misbehaviour of Members

Letter of Complaint About Misbehaviour of Members :

3 July 20XX

Ms. Marianne Das,
Farsight Club & Resort,
32 Batu 12, Jalan Pabtai,
71000 Port Dickson. NSDK.

Dear Ms. Das,

RE : Complaint about misbehaviour of members

We, the undersigned, wish to lodge a complaint about the behaviour of certain members of the club.

We were at tennis court no. 2 yesterday evening at 5.30 p.m. when five male members came in. They obviously had a drink or two for they smelled of alcohol. They promply got into the court ignoring the fact we were already occupying the court. When we protested, they uttered some obscenities and told us to go somewhere else. Now, we had booked the court and they had no right to barge in like that. But what could we do? We were merely 4 girls against 5 unreasonable men. So we left.

Thus we make our complaint here and request you do something about these members. We can supply their names, but we think you already know who they are. They are notorious for their drunkness. If they are let off scot-free again, we will consider leaving the club, for why should we put up with such ill-treatment.

Susan Lee

Khatijah Abas

Baljit Kaur

See Mooi Eng

Letter of Complaint About Misbehaviour of Members