Letter to The Editor of A News-Paper

Letter to The Editor of A News-Paper :

Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper, complaining against the noises in your locality.

5, Second Cross,
New Colony,
Nagpur – 102.

20th January 1989.

To :

The Editor,The Hindu,Chennai – 600 002.

Dear Sir,

May I request you to publish the following in your much esteemed daily?


Noise is produced round the clock in and around the New colony by vehicles, loud-speakers, vendors, etc. We are unable to sleep in quiet even at night. Children area unable to study their books. May I request the noise-producers to minimise it and help the residents of this locality to enjoy peace and quiet? Will the officers of Law and Order take the necessary action against noise-makers in my area and help us?

Yours faithfully,

C.P. Chittu

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