Letter to The Mayor of A city

Letter to The Mayor of A city :

Write a letter to the chairman to your municipality or the Mayor of your city, requesting him to establish a school for the children of your locality.

19th January 2009

From :

M.V. Nanda,
29, Palaru Street,
Nallakulam Village,
Periyar District.

To :

The Municipal Chairman,
Dharmapuri Municipality,
Periyar District.


I am a native of Nallakulam village. There are 500 families living in this village. But we don’t have a school for our children. About 200 children of my village are going to the schools in the Dharmapuri Town which is ten kilometres away from here. They have to face many inconvenience to attend the distant schools.

May I request you to establish a primary school in my village self and relive our children of their daily trouble.

Yours faithfully,

M.V. Nanda

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