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2nd Feb. 2005

My dear Priya,

I received your kind letter yesterday. It gave me an intense pleasure to learn that how much you were interested in the land of the birth of your ancestors. Dear friend, here we are passing through a tough time. Some foreign powers, in collaboration with some of our unscrupulous neighbours, are trying to destabilize our country.

They do not like India to progress and to build her industries. Stockpiling of arms in the neighbour hoods is putting a great stain on our economy and development work, as we have to divert our funds to strengthen our defense and keep our forces in constant readiness.

Because of interference in our internal affairs, the law and order situation, especially in the border areas, has been worsening.

But, our Government is alive to the situation. In the country the opposition parties are in disarray and hungry for power. But thank God, our Government is in the hands of our farsighted and capable Prime Minister who is tackling all the baffling problems with tact and wisdom and boldness. On the other hand, we have no dearth of friends abroad.

When are you visiting India? Please do inform before hand about your visit, so that I would make myself available for you during your stay in India.

Yours affectionately,


Letter to a Friend Living Abroad