Letter to a novelist appreciating his latest novel

Letter to a novelist appreciating his latest novel :

Write a letter to a novelist appreciating his latest novel.

13, Peter’s Lane,
Chennai – 600 006.

2nd January, 1989.

To :

Dr. A.B.C. Goodman, Ph.D.,(Eng. Lit)
71, Nowroji Road,
Mumbai – 406 002.

Dear Sir,

I have just finished reading your lattes novel : 1990 – A.D. I can’t help describing my impressions on the book. Please don’t mistake me for a flatterer.

It is the best modern novel I have ever read. You have clearly brought out the truth that a man remains a man though he wears different dresses at different hours. The most attractive feature of your novel is the splendid delineation of the various classes of people who wallow in riches, peace and plenty in 1990. your prediction that man will conquer the planets in the solar range and bring useful materials from them to the earth to make man’s life on the earth heavenly is heartening. But your description of the sufferings, shames and tragic deaths of the hero and the heroine is disheartening. The closing words of the novel are memorable.

"They eat well. They drink well. They dress well. They think ill well, they deem wickedness or villainy the real, eternal human nature, there are none to shed a tear over the death of the couple. The machine conducts their funeral and their burial”.

The style is simple and effective. Every sentence has a telling effect upon the reader. Every detail is in place. No word is unimportant. It makes the reader feel and perceive that despite of the shows, pomps, fashions and scientific achievements of human beings. they are incurable diseases in the body of creation.

I hope to see many more novels of this type from you.

With best wishes.

Yours sincerely,
R. Raju

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