Letter to father explaining experiences at school

Letter to father explaining experiences at school :

Write a letter to your father explaining your first day experiences at school.

Room No. 15,
C.N.K. Hostel,
Chennai – 5

15th June, 2001.

My dear father,

After the long summer vacation, our school reopened on 12th June.

Our new time table was introduced yesterday. Mr. Shanmugham is our class teacher. He is Maths teacher. I have purchased all books as per the syllabus. Our teachers began to give homework even on the first day of school.

Out Tamil teacher Dr. Chandrasekaran who taught me last year has been selected as a lecturer in Govt. Arts College. So, he left the school. I really miss him.

All teachers have started their lessons systematically. Special importance is given to English grammar and General Knowledge.

The school uniform is the same. I have purchased one more uniform dress. The cost of the shoes has increased very much. I am taking interest in lessons with great enthusiasm.

Please convey my kind regards to my dear mother and affectionate sister Prema.

Yours affectionately,

A. Krishnan

Letter to father explaining experiences at school