Letter to sister describing visit to a zoo

Letter to sister describing visit to a zoo :

Write a letter to your younger sister describing your visit to a zoo.

78, Prasad’s Road,

3rd February - 1989

My dear Rita,

I am in health and I hope that all the people at home are well.

Yesterday our uncle and aunt took me to the Jubbalpur zoo. What a fine place it is! We saw the lion, the tiger, the bear, the leopard, the hyena and other wild animals kept in cages. There were monkeys, horses, deer, zebras, bulls, elephants and foreign animals wandering freely in vast fields. We also saw birds like parrots, peacocks, ducks and herons. A variety of snakes were in carefully closed cars. The rhinocerous, the hippopotamus or water-horse, the swan and the play-things for the visiting children were an added attraction there.

I was given a cup of ice-cream after lunch. We had a light refreshment and tea in the evening and then returned home.

Don’t you feel like visiting the Zoo? Reply!

Yours affectionately,


Letter to sister describing visit to a zoo