Letter with Minutes of The Meeting

Letter with Minutes of The Meeting :


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5th November - 2008

Reference No. : MMM / KOLK / 90099

Minutes of the Meeting held between Reps. Of Abel Shock Absorbers (vendor) and Messrs Road Master Automobiles Ltd ( Vendee ) - Punjab. The objective of the meeting is to supply various sizes of Shock Absorbers as indicated below.

Present : Messrs. K. Yadav, M. Dinesh, P.R. Vijay and Ram Prakash of Abel Shock Absorbers and G.K. Kurup, R.N. Nair and G.V. Menon of Road Master Automobiles.

1. Order placed by the vendee :

For Two wheelers = 2500 nos.
For Four wheelers = 3400 nos.
For Heavy vehicles = 1800 nos.

2. Customer requires steady supply of 200 nos. each on every month

3. Customer’s Inspector will carry our final inspection at vendor’s site

4. Vendor has to deliver the goods at his own risk to the vendee at their works.

5. Vendor has to replace if there is a defective one within the Warranty period.

6. Half of the payment against the whole order will be made at the time of signing this agreement and the balance after executing the order, through their Bank - Bank of India Ltd.

7. Vendor has to provide internal Inspection report/copy of stage Inspn. Report along with the supplies.

8. In addition, vendor has to provide Material Test Certificate in triplicate together withal other relevant documents.

9. As this order stretched for nearly three years, vendor is expected to fulfill the requirement of the vendee from time to time.

10. vendee, at his discretion, may extend or cancel the order without any notice.

11. Anything else may be sorted out between the vendor and vendee from time to time.

Signature on behalf of Abel Shock Absorbers

Signature on behalf of Road Master Automobiles

Letter with Minutes of The Meeting