Letters Relating to Company Shares

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This is one of the sample letters relating to company shares.

From :

16, Ali Mohamed Street,
Ludhiana – 141 001.

18th March 2000

To :

Globe Pharmaceuticals Ltd.,
2, Santra Avenue,
MUMBAI – 400 036.

Attn : General Manager

Dear Sirs,

I am a shareholder of Registered Folio Number as 2584. While I have been receiving Annual Reports and dividends promptly in the past, I have not received the Annual Report for the year 1998 – 99. You will appreciate that more than eleven months have passed since the last financial year was over and in spite of my reminders, I am yet to receive the said Annual Report.

I do hope that you will treat this as my last reminder and send the report at the earliest. I am eager to know the recent working results of the company.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,


NOTE : If any dividend is declared, please send the cheque along with Annual Report.

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