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This is one of the sample letters relating to company shares.

26, Vinesh Dey Avenue,
CALCUTTA – 700 029.

2nd May 2000

To :

Angel Apparels Ltd.,
41, Zulfikher Ali Road,
JAIPUR – 302 006.

Attn : General Manager

Dear Sirs,

Further to my application dated 5th March 200 for 500 shares, this refers to your letter dated 23rd April regretting your inability to allot shares.

The cheque for Rs.5, 000/- as a refund of my application money sent by you was not honoured on presentation. The same has been returned. I request you to send a Demand Draft for the like amount before 31st May.

In case, I do not receive your Draft before 31st May. I have no option but to refer the matter to SECURITIES EXCHANGE BOARD OF INDIA - Mumbai.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

T. Nirmal Ghosh

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