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From :

16, Lakshmi Street,
CHENNAI – 600 030.

3rd March 2000

To :

The Visa Officer,
U.S. Consulate,
CHENNAI – 600 002.

Dear Sir,

I apply for a Tourist Visa valid for six months. I am enclosing the following documents.

(1) My passport in original and application form duly filled.

(2) Two Demand Drafts for Rs. 2,070 and Rs. 3,450 towards visa application fee and issuance fee.

(3) A letter from my son, Mr. G. Thomas, a green card holder resident at Indianapolis, Indiana State, U.S.A. sponsoring my stay along with his bank statements and letter from his present employer.

(4) A copy of the title relating to my property situated at the above address. This would serve as a proof of my permanent interest in this town.

Kindly issue the visa at your earliest convenience and thanking you.

Yours faithfully,


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