Letters between Landlord and Tenant

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This is one of the sample Letters between Landlord and Tenant.

From :

3, Ramprakash Street,
CHENNAI 600 031.

28th September 1999

To :

Mr. S. Lakshman,
3, Moghul Towers,
CHENNAI – 600 007.

Dear Sir,

At the outset, let me congratulate you for your recent promotion as General Manager.

Your letter dated 21st September came as a surprise. Time and again, I have been pointing out to you that cracks in the walls have not been set right and the sanitary fittings are old and defective, with the result, there is seepage. You have not taken action for these complaints.

You will appreciate that hike in rent is unjustifiable with the existing conditions of the apartment.

With regards.

Yours faithfully,


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