Letters between Landlord and Tenant

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This is one of the sample Letters between Landlord and Tenant.

From :

3, Ramprakash Street,
CHENNAI – 600 031.

8th October 1999

To :

Mr. S. Lakhman,
3, Moghul Towers,
CHENNAI – 600 007.

Dear Sir,

It is with regret, I read your letter of 3rd October reaching me only today. This is not the first time I face problem with postal department. Coming to the point, my reply to your letter is as follows.

Since you have expressed your unilaterial decision, I have no option but to come out with my reaction. I am thoroughly convinced that this house does not deserve a rent more than what I pay. Hence, I have decided to represent the matter to the local Rent Controller.

With best wishes.

Yours faithfully,


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