Letters by Secretary

Letters by Secretary :

On many occasions the secretary may be in position to write and sign the letters on behalf of the company to make the deal and bring the matter to the attention of the addressee. The Secreatry is one of the very important persons working in any Company. He holds the key to success. The matters like dealing with the forigen delgates, clearing the doubts of the share-holders, convening the share-holders, making arrangements for the meeting, preparing the draft for the MOU, letters related to the Public Image of the company and interpersonal relationship among the directors are the maters which can be directly delay by the Secretary. Here few such letters have been given for your reference which wills your glimpses of what those letters should / should not contain. You are welcome to use these letters free of charge.

  1. Letter to share-holders offering new shares
  2. Letter to share-holders proposing amalgamation
  3. Letter to a shareholder who claims higher dividend
  4. Letter to a share-holder who complains of discourtesy
  5. Letter to a shareholder removing his doubts
  6. Letter to A Share-Holder Demanding Special Privileges
  7. Letter to shareholders for reconstructing the company
  8. Letter increasing annual subscription of a society
  9. Letter to a shareholder informing him
  10. Letter to shareholders intimating bonus shares
  11. Letter Making A Business Offer
  12. Letter of Acceptance of Business Offer
  13. Letter Soliciting Order from Old Customers
  14. Letter returning goods received not as per specifications
  15. Letter Acknowledgeing Receipt of Goods
  16. Letter Acknowledging First Order and Asking for References
  17. Letter Giving Business References
  18. Letter Taking Up Business References
  19. Letter Giving Favourable Reply to Business Reference
  20. Letter Giving Unfavorable Reply to Business Reference
  21. Letter Inviting to Join The Board of A Company
  22. Letter to Advertisers for Advertising Campaign
  23. Letter Accompanying Tender
  24. Circular Notifying Change of Address
  25. Letter to Solicitors for Stopping Infringement of A Patent
  26. Letter to Solicitors Enclosing Documents
  27. Letter to Solicitors for Drafting The Resolution
  28. Letter to Bankers Refusing To Recognise Notice of A Lien on Shares
  29. Letter To Bank
  30. Letter To Bank for Over-Draft
  31. Letter Pointing Out Misunderstanding on Plan of Payment
  32. Letter Clearing Misunderstanding on Mode of Payment
  33. Letter Replying to Special Discount Demand
  34. Letter of Request for Releasing A Company from A Contract
  35. Letter after A Foreign Business Visit
  36. Letter Introducing A Business Friend
  37. Letter Thanking a Foreign Business Representative
  38. Letter Acknowledging Note of Sympathy from A Business Party
  39. Letter Introducing To Foreign Firms
  40. Follow Up Letter to A Foreign Firm
  41. Letter of Invitation to Attend Buyers Symposium
  42. Letter Thanking for Invitation to Symposium
  43. Letter Showing Foreign Interest in Imports
  44. Letter Requesting for Direct Export Dealings
  45. Letter Thanking A Paper for A Book-Review
  46. Letter About Billed for Goods Not Ordered
  47. Letter about Special Sales Offer
  48. Letter Acknowledging Mistake of Accounts
  49. Letter Complaining Against Salesman
  50. Letter Regretting Misbheaviour
  51. Follow-Up Letter for Sales Promotion
  52. Letter Complaining Against Damaged Goods
  53. Letter Placing An Order
  54. Letter Informing Special Offer
  55. Letter Notifying Change of Address
  56. An Apologetical Letter to A Customer
  57. Letter Notifying Closing of A Branch
  58. Letter Asking for Report on Creditability of A Firm
  59. Letter Ordering Goods to Be Supplied To A Third Party
  60. Letter Asking for Goods on Approval
  61. Letter Giving A Report on Creditability of A Firm
  62. Letter to Foreign Supplier Who has drawn in Full despite Shortage of Material
  63. Letter Making Hotel Reservation
  64. Letter Confirming Hotel Reservation
  65. Letter Sending Goods on Approval
  66. Letter for Bon Voyage Luncheon
  67. Letter with Report on A Fall of Business
  68. Letter Confirming Bon Voyage Luncheon
  69. Letter for Arranging A Convention Banquet
  70. Letter Report on Breaking out of Fire
  71. Letter Accepting The Offer of Arranging Banquet
  72. Letter of Report on New Premises
  73. Letter of Report on An Accident
  74. Letter of Report on Insufficiency and Inadequacy of Accommodation
  75. Letter of Report on Heavy Book Debts
  76. Report by Chartered Accountants
  77. Report to Share Holders on Offer for Purchase of Company
  78. Report on Reoganisation of Office
  79. Report on Financial Position of the Company
  80. Report on New Business Opening
  81. Report on Extension of Work
  82. Report on Threatened Strike by Workers
  83. Report on Cash Shortage and Other Irregulatities
  84. Report Refuting Charges of Slackness
  85. Report on Shortage in Store
  86. Report on Indiscipline and Indifference of The Staff
  87. Report on Desirability of Opening A Branch Abroad

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